excerpt of our performance for the manfred stein hommage.

paintings of the late manfred stein were deconstructed, animated and recomposed.
in the final performance, we slowly brought the images to life and projected them on a circular projection element.
bea von schrader interpreted the footage of stein, and transformed it into a beautiful performance with butoesque style, music and text.
additionally we projected via kinect real time on the performers.

the performance took place 3 times in schüttkasten (primmersdorf), seedcamp (tree of life – kautzen) and urhof20 (austria)

Hommage à Manfred Stein:

host: Stefan Stein
venue: Schüttkasten, Tree of Life Festival, Urhof20
performance art: bea von schrader
animated art: jakob huetter [hma], teresia könig
sound: sophie wintersteiger [piano], editing by jakob huetter

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