interaktive installation

ausstellung vienna design week 2018
erste variante von linger ausgestellt take festival 2017

prototyping, touchdesigner: Jakob Hütter
photogrametry, mesh: Jakob Hütter, Jakob Figo
audio: Martin Winterleitner
realisation: hma (Jakob Figo, Jakob Hütter, Martin Winterleitner)

We’re being exposed to more visual information than ever, and images are flooding our heads. The digital age insists that we stay in constant motion, keeping pace with never-ending progress. The result: Lingering in the moment, standing still, stopping and smelling the flowers, putting future and past on hold is increasingly difficult. The present? It seems unreal and distant. Thanks to sensor technology and projection, the organic objects in handmitauge’s experience are transformed into playful mirrors of our inner conflict. As a symbol of our existence, the work breaks up speed and motion into granular, distant digital fragments. Only after prolonged introspection does the projection return the object constellation to its apparent original state – which is unreal and direct.

Mithilfe von Photogrammetrie-Scans werden in dieser Arbeit Schwemmholzstämme zur Bespielungsfläche. Die aus Fotodaten generierte 3d-Version des organischen Materials wird mit generativen Animationen in Echtzeit deformiert und bewegt um dann per Projektion auf das Ausgangsobjekt rückprojiziert zu werden. Der Rezipient steuert durch seine Bewegung im Raum die audiovisuelle Reaktion der Installation.