re:animate vienna
projection mapping

Re-Animate Vienna is a 47min Projection Mapping Show by Klasse Kartak for Graphic Design, University of Applied Arts Vienna. The Location is the Flaktower at Augarten in the 2nd district. This Tower, with a height of 42 meters, is one of six large reinforced concrete defense and protection structures in Vienna, built between 1942 and 1945 as huge air raid shelters with mounted anti-aircraft guns and fire control systems.

21 Students created digital animations in Cinema 4D and TouchDesigner to transform this monument, that reminds of the destruction and pain of war, into a radiant sign of live. Soundtrack created by the Austrian composer Lukas Koenig. Artistic supervision by Prof. Oliver Kartak, Katharina Uschan, Christian Schlager. Projection Mapping, Software Support, Artistic Support by Jakob Hütter, Jakob Figo Projection Technology by Gerald Heribauer

Projection Visuals
(in order of appearance) Burcu Erbay, Winona Hudec, Zoe Guggenbichler, Julia Winkler, Matthias Schöllhorn, Osvald Rasmussen, Marlene Kager, Mirjam Lingitz, Aliya Nurgaliyeva, Dominik Einfalt, Anaïs Eriksson, Malin Hoff, Bemir Bilalic, Annija Česka, Laura Burtscher, Maria Rudakova, Verena Repar, Elizaveta Kruchinina, Sebastian Lou, Philip Kosak, Maximilian Prag.